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Form Submission & Registration Numbers are different

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  • Kajabi Meagan

    Hi Alyssa, I just took a look at your event and it looks like there are only 10 people who have registered to that event. I would check to see where you are getting the 19 number from. If you click into Marketing -> Events -> Select Event -> Registrations it will display those who have registered for that particular event. 

  • Alyssa Cockerell

    Hi Megan, 

    Yes, that is what it is showing. However, there are 21 form submissions that are associated with the Masterclass, but not all are showing up as registered for the event. There isn't an extra step between just filling out the form and registering for the event. 

    Is there a reason for the difference in numbers?

    I hope these images help clear up the confusion. 

    This is the automation that is set up for the form:


    This is how many form submissions there are: 


    And this is how many registrants there are: 


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