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SEO in Kajabi

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  • Kajabi Meagan

    Thank you for sharing the 4 levels of SEO within Kajabi! These are some great points that can help many get ahead and kickstart their Search Engine Optimization! 

  • Karen Thorne

    Thank you for sharing Roger. That’s very useful. I’ve done quite a lot of SEO work on my Wordpress site. Using headings is encouraged as it helps google understand what your page is about. Are they used in a similar way in Kajabi?

  • Jeffrey Ly

    Wow this is absolutely incredible Roger! Thank you for all of this info I love the addition of really specifying your niche/headers. I think that's what will make each individual so unique according to their personality and passion! 

    Karen: Correct! What you change in the details or settings of your landing page will be a big factor.



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