Kajabi University

Kajabi University gives you access to courses aimed at helping you create and build your online business with Kajabi.

Run Your Whole Business Using Kajabi

Learn to use Kajabi to seamlessly connect everything about your business.

Niche For Your Business

Learn to design a marketing message to attract your ideal customer.

Kajabi Bootcamp: Build A Course

Learn to build and sell an online course with Kajabi.

How to Structure A Course

Learn to build your online product.

Kajabi Bootcamp: How to Build a Website

Learn to create and share your website with Kajabi.

Kajabi Bootcamp: Build a Membership & Community

Learn to build a membership and community to kickstart your success with Kajabi.

How to Structure A Membership

Learn to build and structure your Membership to provide exclusive, members-only content.

How To Run A Successful Blog

Learn to build and run your Blog with Kajabi.

How To Launch Via Email

Learn to launch your course with Email Campaigns.

How to Build a Contacts List

Learn to build your email list to get started with Kajabi.

Online Business Myth Buster

Learn the 5 online myths for new business owners.

Mastering Pipelines

Learn how to use Pipelines to their fullest potential and become a funnel marketing master in this video course.

Webinar Basics with Kajabi

Learn the basics of building and sharing your Webinar.

Crafting Your Webinar Funnel

Using A Webinar to Sell A Product

Learn to use the power of Webinars to sell your Product.

How to Market Your Course Or Membership

Learn the best ways to market your course and membership on Kajabi.

How to Get Your Course Visible Online

Learn to get your course visible to market your content.

Legal Basics

Get down to the nitty-gritty with copyright, terms of services, and trademarks in this video course.

Business Accounting for the Online Entrepreneur

Learn the nitty-gritty of business accounting.

How to Create an Audio Based Course

Learn to create an audio course to share your content without worrying about video settings and lighting.

How To Create A Screen Share Course

Learn the ins and outs of creating a screen share style course in this series of video lessons.

How To Migrate A Course

Learn to migrate your online business to Kajabi.